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AFL - adapter / adaptation


                                                               Adaptec Solution - Adapter, Adaptionen / adapter adaptationAdaptec Solution - Adapter, Adaptionen / adapter, adaptation                                                                                                                                   




construction as well as delivery of individual adapter flanges, finally prepared for assembly are designed and made in order to adapt several machinery units of a fabrication line (e.g. plastic processing production lines).  This adapters are individually, specially fitted and optimized to customers individually                           requirements, resulting from particular process and relevant machinery equipment.
- adapters are always executed individually optimized with polished melt flow channels,



execution option
- executed as easy screwable adapter or as quick connection execution equipped with connection C-clamp
for realization of minimized change over times, especially in case of product- and color changes


surface hardened  / coated referring to individual requirements (corrosion, abrasion)