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individual- , special construction


                                                               Adaptec Solution - Individual-, Sonderkonstruktionen / individual- special constructionAdaptec Solution - Individual-, Sonderkonstruktionen / individual- special construction                                                                                                                                   




Our moveable, special machinery racks are designed for easy and save (dis)assembly of complete or apart section of a production line (e.g. extrusion lines)

Especially in case of frequently accruing change of extruder screws as well as for maintenance- and cleaning works, the line will only be decoupled at the corresponding interface(s).  Downstream units could firstly be moved in extrusion direction in order to get adapter´s centering devices / screw ends open.  Afterwards complete line section or machine units could be moved out of extrusion area on rails which are sunk into ground floor.  Resulting from this, complete working areas will get free and safely accessible for disassembly-, maintenance- or cleaning works within few minutes.



Engineering and/or delivery of machinery chassis/rack finally prepared for installation with / without installation, for new lines as well as for existent equipment retrofitable, especially fitted and adapted to existing condition and according to customers requests.