the easiest way for discontinuous filtration, individual optimized fitted to your requirements and und condition



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                                                               ASF - Filterflanschsysteme - diskontinuierlich / ASF - filtration flange system - discontinuousASF - Filterflanschsysteme - diskontinuierlich / ASF - filtration flange system - discontinuous                                                                                                                           




We offer ASF filter flange type :


- straight, death space free and individually optimized flow channels
- openable and closeable by only loosening one nut at C-conneciton clamp
- optimal, individual connection dimension and short lenght design
- melt sensor borings free includeable
- easy complete cleaning (e.g. coloour- and product changes)
- integration to adapter, adaptation- as well as discharge tool system


or korrosive, also "HT" (high temperature application) until 450°C
- with special heat treatments or special coatings for abrasive and/  
- with / without peripherial equipement (e.g. discharge tool)
- with/ without heating control system
- with / without base frame / movable stand




ASF - filter flange systems