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ASQ - single piston screen changer

The cheaper alternative unit to double piston screen changer system, applicable for non-pressure sensitive processes.


  • approx. 20-30 % cheaper than a assimilable double pistion screen changer system
  • very short, compact design, easy cleanable completely (e.g. for colour-, product changes)
  • melt sensor borings includable to screen changer without additional costs
  • optimized, individual connection dimension executable without additional costs
  • continuous function, without melt flow interruption
  • straight, dead space free streaming of screen cavities

We offer the following ASQ screen changer types

  • with / without base frame / movable stand
  • with / wthout hydraulic unit
  • with / without elektric hydraulic control
  • with/ without heating control system
  • with / without peripherial equipement (e.g. discharge tool)
  • with special heat treatments or special coatings for abrasive and / or korrosive, also "HT" (high temperature application) until 842°F (450 °C)
  • of course also deliverable as self-sufficient operational complete system